February 2000

Los Angeles Magazine names Dr. Clavin

"Santa Monica Rhinoplasty Expert"


Nosing Around

"Santa Monica Rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Harold Clavin credits '90s advances in anesthesia as having had the greatest impact on his "art". New techniques have eliminated the need for intubation, which previously obstructed the sculpting process. Clavin prides himself on the fact that his patients experience minimal pain and discomfort, claiming that they're often up and about in one to three days. As recently as the mid-90's, much of his clientele-many in the entertainment industry-still sought the perky American standard of beauty and asked to have all traces of their ethnicity removed, but these days, Clavin reports a return to confidence in one's origins. His work sometimes involves restoring-even accentuating- characteristics that were formerly eliminated."