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From Satisfied Clients

Dear Dr. Clavin

"I am so happy I had my closed nasal surgery done by you and did not pick to have it done open. I went to four other plastic surgeons, all highly recommended, and they were going to do it closed. As is learned from you, the healing is much faster, hardly no swelling, only one week recovery, and no pain. The placement of the carilage grafts was perfect. My girl friend had her revision nose done open by another doctor and recovery time and result did not even come close to my result. I am so happy with Dr. Clavin. Best of all, I look so natural. Thank you for keeping to your word and not making any external scars and no uncomfortable packing was used in my nostrils."

Your grateful patient,

Linda G.

"I was considering plastic surgery for the first time. I visited several surgeons among those on the ‘Best Plastic Surgeons list’, and I felt that Dr. Clavin gave me the most realistic picture of what could and could not be done for me, and why some of the procedures other surgeons suggested would not work for me. It is about 6 weeks since I had the surgery and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. ( I had a neck lift, the bags under my eyes removed, my nose modified and my upper lip enlarged.) I feel I look considerably younger and more attractive, and the improvements look completely natural. More importantly friends who know I had the surgery can see a big improvement, while those who don’t know I had the surgery have not made any comments. Thus I feel I significantly improved my appearance without letting everyone know that I had plastic surgery. I recommend Dr. Clavin and his staff in the strongest possible terms and without reservation. I also strongly recommend Halcyon, an after-care facility that Dr. Clavin's office recommended in Marina del Ray."


Dear Dr. Clavin:

"It's been a few weeks now since my rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Clavin,and I'm very pleased with the result.  It was my second rhinoplasty—the first was done by a different surgeon.  I came to Dr. Clavin not at all happy with what the other surgeon had done.  My nose was quite "scooped" when viewed from the side.  I went to several surgeons after my first surgery, and each told me that he would use ear cartilage to lessen the scoop effect.  Dr. Clavin considered this as well, but he also brainstormed other options, including using a silicone graft instead of ear cartilage.  I appreciated the extra effort he made in searching for what would give me the best result, and I decided to trust my surgery to him.

We decided that a silicone graft would be the best option.  Before the surgery, Dr. Clavin clearly explained the result that I could expect.  The actual result exceeded my expectations, due in part, as I understand, to some innovation on Dr. Clavin's part during the surgery.  My nose is much, much improved--I'm very pleased with Dr. Clavin's aesthetic sense.  I'm so appreciative of his expertise, so grateful of the interest he took in my case, and so lucky that I found him!"

Chris D

Dear Dr. Clavin:

"This was my first surgery I ever had and I was very concerned about the procedure, but you and your staff were very helpful in getting me prepared for the surgery. I consulted with several surgeons before, some felt that the refinements I was looking for were not easy to achieve. But I felt very comfortable talking with you about my concerns and you patiently answered all my questions. I also trusted your aesthetic sense completely, you have a great gift. The surgery was over before I knew it and now at two weeks post op I feel great. When you took off the cast I was amazed at the subtle changes and refinements I could see in my nose. I can's wait for the swelling to subside so I can see the beautiful nose you have given me."

Thanks for all your efforts,

Sonal P.

Dear Dr. Clavin and staff:

"First and foremost, thank you all so very much for restoring my appearance and self-confidence. I walked into Dr. Clavin's doors a few years ago. Then, I was devastated in regards to a recent nose job I done with a different doctor. What seemed to be a siimple procedure, to remove a bump on my nose, was anything but. This "simple procedure" turned into a catastrophe. My nose was suddenly sloped out. I looked completely diferent, and my nose had ahuge chunk of it missing from the center. I felt like nothing could be done. I met with various doctors to help correct the previous doctor's mistakes..my hopes wre lost, until I met a very unique doctor...Dr. Clavin.

Before I touch on the amazing work of Dr. Clavin. Let me first touch on his remarkable and friendly staff. The women he works with are with out a doubt some of the most kind and caring individuals I have every met. And moreover, their care and concern are genuine. Now isn't that rare in Los ASngeles?:) We also can't forget the amazing Lupe. I absolutely adore here. Her bright energy is the first thing that greets you when you walk through the doors. She is always there to help with pre-op and post-op advice, and of course with ALL general questions. She is pure gold,

Now for Dr. Clavin...I wanted to build up the dent in my nose. I was very skeptical about this procedure (fat grafting), and has very little faith in plastic surgeons...based on my previous situation. Dr. Clavin blew my preconceived notions out the door. I wanted my nose to look natural, and I wanted my nose to look as close to perfect as I thought it could realistically look. Well, let me tell you...that is just what I got.

Through a series of fat grafts (that were taken near my hip) Dr. Clavin has used my own fat to build back up my nose. These procedures are easy and virtually painless (under local anesthesia). They take less than an hour, nad are affordable. Thanks to Dr. clavin's careful usage of my fat, and the expertise of his hands...my nost is the nose I always wanted. THANK YOU so very much Dr. Clavin for restoring my appearance, and most importantly my self-confidence. I couldn't be more satisfied. I feel very blessed that I found you and this remarkable procedure. It is a slow process, but well worth it...because the results are natural and as close to perfect as you are going to get. I just wish that I had found Dr. Clavin and his magic hands before I allowed that OTHER doctor to touch my nose.

Forever Thankful,


Dear Hal:

"The Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons would like to extend our appreciation for you superb presentation at the 26th Annual Symposium on September 11, 2004.

The audience was very impressed by your expertise and the admirable work put into your presentation. It continues to be my impression that the best Plastic Surgeons in the world are found in Southern California."

Warmest Regards,

Steve M. Hoefflin, MD, FACS

"I am forever grateful to Dr. Clavin. It's been a year since my Rhinoplasty and I love the way my new nose looks. My nose is so natural looking that none of my family or friends could guess that I have had anything done. Instead, I get so many nice and uplifting comments, "you look so good" "so beautiful!". I have even started an unplanned modeling career -Thanks to Dr. Clavin."


P.S. I have given Dr. Clavin permission to show my before and after photos to any patients coming into his office.

"When I decided to have plastic surgery, I did my research. I interviewed six surgeons who had been referred to me through other physicians as well as friends. Many of these doctors had several of the qualities I was looking for. Dr. Clavin had and has it all. He's the BEST! Not only is he a brilliant craftsman and artist, but he's patient, considerate, warm, caring, and funny too. Dr. Clavin takes as much time as necessary to answer all questions no matter how foolish they may seem, and I never felt stupid for asking them.

Dr. Clavin has performed several procedures on me over the lat five years, from a face lift, to fat grafting, to an upper and lower eye lift. Each procedure has gone incredibly smoothly and the results have been amazing. I look like my natural, rested, relaxed and best self. Needless to say, I adore the man, his work and his wonderful staff.

So, Thank You Dr. Clavin, Lupe, Jeanette, Dr. Einstein, and the wonderful nurses at the clinic.

I'm forever grateful, Thankful, and appreciative.


Dear Dr. Clavin and Staff,

"Just a quick note to say thanks

I am so pleased with the results--

I feel like a new person!

Thanks for treating me so well and giving me my confidence back!"

Best Regards,


Dear Dr. Clavin,
"First of all, I really feel you are an artist. The most important thing about the surgery is the fact that I look so natural, not obviously operated upon. I have not lost the expression that is so commonly destroyed by a poor face lift and eyelid work.

I never expected to have the work create such a large number of favorable subtle changes. I don't know if all were intentional, but the results are astounding to me. Frankly, it has turned me from a 5-6 on a scale of 1-10, and we know there are really no 10s, to a 7-8! For a gal that lives in Hollywood, this has been an essential part of the exterior makeover.

People say that plastic surgery does not change one's life. Those people have not had plastic surgery. What plastic surgery does is increase the confidence level in relationships both at work and at home. It is that renewed confidence that is life changing. Confidence improves all relationships whether in trying to close a business deal or improve or stimulate new interest in one's marriage. Everything becomes more rewarding and more pleasant.

What you have managed to specifically change in my face is the following:

  • Made my eyelids even where they had been noticeable uneven my whole life.
  • Made my eyes look larger and more youthful with unnoticeable scars.
  • The chin implant has totally softened my jaw line, made the jaw more feminine, improved my profile and balanced the size of my nose. It is a subtle change, but it makes a huge difference.
  • The drooping neck skin and cording in my neck is totally gone, so I now look in my early to mid 40s instead of mid to late 50s.
  • The overall face is just younger and refreshed, but not pulled and unnatural.
  • My smile no longer shows the ugly gum line, but is more flattering.
  • I have dimples and a chin cleft where I never had those interesting features before.
  • The lower lip is now smaller than the upper lip which gives a more attractive cupid's bow appearance to the mouth.

What I like about the surgery is the fact that it is not overdone, but aesthetically pleasing. I also liked the fact the I could say "Do what you need to do and just make me as pretty as you are able." Giving you carte blanche was the way to go. I can say this both for the face and the body work. I also liked the fact that you would not operate just to please the patient and that you were willing to turn down work you felt was unnecessary or not worth the pain, risk, or cost. You were totally honest about what you could achieve and what you could not correct. I also liked your philosophy of not getting that "last 10%" because of the risk of increasing complications. There was never any pressure on me to do extra work. The consultation time was adequate to answer any questions. I loved having the surgicenter right in the office. It was more like a homey atmosphere than a hospital operating room. The anesthesiologist took the time to become well familiar with my complicated medical history and was willing to speak with me several times well before the surgery. I felt secure with the facility right across the street from St Johns Hospital, should I have needed to be hospitalized. The office staff has been totally pleasant and helpful. The after care recommendations and the recommendations for other providers for skin care were right on the money and were highly satisfactory. In fact, the entire experience was so positive that my husband is now going to go ahead and have his eyelids fixed to correct his vision problem.

I know we have talked about one further surgery in the fall. Having had this experience and having seen some of the problems others in my family had with other practitioners, I would not go anywhere else but to Dr. Clavin. I also like the fact that you consider your patients as lifetime patients, since there may be times in the future for other surgery. I had my first surgery with you when I was 25 years old. Now I am in my 50s and I was able to return with confidence. It is clear that you have had years of experience to draw on what works and what should be avoided. I will see you for my 90 day photographs and check-up. Thanks for everything."


Anne Perry, MD, MBA, AKA

Rhinoplasty patient

Dear Dr. Clavin,
Thank you for the wonderful work that you performed on my nose. I love my new look! You are truly a wonderful and gifted artist. My nose has bothered me for many years, and I've always been very self-conscious of it. Well, two weeks after my surgery, I was sent out of town for training for my job. The strangest thing happened on this trip. One day on this trip, I had four complete strangers (guys) at different times in the day approach me and tell me that I was "beautiful." I have never felt more good/confident about myself. All thanks to you! Your work has truly made a difference in my self-esteem and my life.

All my love,


Revision rhinoplasty patient

For anyone considering rhinoplasty or revision Rhinoplasty, I highly recommend Dr. Clavin based on his many years of experience and expertise. In my case, he was very adept at removing the deviated cartilage implant (from my first Rhinoplasty done with another doctor) without damaging my nasal tissue and replacing it with a silicone implant.

Prior to my surgery, I consulted with Dr. Clavin four times. He patiently elaborated on various options and offered his professional advice as to the most ideal way to correct my nose. I went into the surgery confident that I was minimizing the risks with this doctor.

Because I had been through the recovery process before, I was expecting to be EXTREMELY uncomfortable and miserable after the surgery. What shocked me was how comfortable and normal I felt upon waking up on the operation table. It felt lik I had nothing done, except maybe a slight nasal congestion. I was able to drink, eat, talk and walk within a few hours after the surgery. I think not having the nasal packing makes a HUGE difference, and it is merely one reflection of Dr. Clavin’s expertise.

Dr. Clavin,

I would just like to thank you and your staff for the thoughtful and considerate care provided to me from my first appointment to the call at home after surgery. Most importantly, I felt extremely comfortable during the surgery, and I found it especially calming when you would speak to me and keep me “updated” I have been to many doctors for a variety of reasons, and your bedside manner is beyond compare.

As for the results of the surgery, I could not be happier; your eye for aesthetics is amazing. Even though the procedure was minor, and I am glad that I found, and went with the best.



Dear Dr. Clavin

"I am writing to wish you and your wonderful staff a joyous and prosperous New Year!"

"I also wanted to confirm that you are indeed a truly skilled surgeon." "In general, people think a woman is considered to be her most attractive between the ages of 16 and 30." "Unless someone knows me personally, they always think that I am younger than my 33 soon to be 34 years. But I am most happy when I hear other Chinese people telling me that I must still be in my mid to late 20s since it is harder to fool people of my own ethnic heritage. Thank you very much for keeping me young and natural looking. You are the best thing that ever happened for my social life.

Kindest regards,


Dear Dr. Clavin

"Thank you for performing liposuction to remove unwanted fat deposits from my inner thighs, waist and abdomen. Both you and Jeanette were very thorough in explaining how Tumescent Liposculpture can work for me, answered my questions, and helped me make an informed personal decision. Since I was very scared before and after the procedure, I would like to thank your entire staff for helping me with the operation and making the time I spent in Los Angeles for the aftercare as comfortable as possible.

There was very little discomfort and the recovery period was very fast. I was amazed that I was able to go back to work 6 days after the operation. Two months after the operation, I definitely noticed a contour change in the areas treated. Now, I look better in my form fitting clothes because there are no more bulges around my waist and stomach. My legs also look thinner and more attractive in jeans. You are truly highly experienced in the science and art of Tumescent Liposculpture. Thank you for giving me back the figure that I had in my late twenties. "


Sincerely yours,


S.C. from New York

Dear Dr. Clavin

"Thank you for using your sense of aesthetics to create a more attractive nose and chin that enhanced my facial configuration. Of all the doctors I evaluated in the Los Angeles area, you were the most honest and gave me the most information. It has been three months since surgery and a professional make-up artist at Elizabeth Arden, my electrologist and good friends have all told me that my nose and chin look completely natural. Although co-workers and acquaintances think that my face looks different, no one suspects that I had plastic surgery since there are no visible scars from the incisions. In fact, the only people that know for sure that I had surgery are family members and the few close friends whom I confided to about my plastic surgery procedures.

I am very impressed with your surgical skills given that few surgeons can successfully operate on Asian noses due to differences in skin texture and thickness."

"I would also like to say thank you to your employees as they were a part of making me feel comfortable and relaxed. Everyone was very friendly and genuinenely caring. They are truly wonderful people and a great reflection of you."


Swan C.

Dear Dr. Clavin

"I wish the best for you and your staff in 2001. My electrolygist, make-up artist, and friends think that you've done a wonderful job on my face. They think that it looks very natural. People at work think I look different but no one would guess that I had plastic surgery. You are truly an artist."


Pamela Padgett, R.N.

41 years old

"To Anyone Out There Who is considering Using the Expertise of Dr. Harold Clavin,

I have been a registered nurse for almost twenty years now, am I really THAT old? I don't consider myself a "vain" person, but I do want to grow "old" looking as good as I can for myself and my husband. By being a strict vegetarian and exercising, I feel like I am doing what I can for the "inside" of my body (and my soul). It's the "outside" that I started having a few problems with!

I had always wanted my lips to be fuller (even BEFORE Julia!) But, after checking out collagen injections (which reabsorb after a few months), I decided I didn't want needles stuck in my lips every three months for the rest of my life. Then I heard about a graft from a cadaver source, which made sense to me but it's a foreign material and would most likely reabsorb; plus, I found out that an incision was needed to place the graft inside the lips and it seemed like a major thing for what I wanted.

I had gone to see Dr. Clavin because I had heard through friends that he was an excellent plastic surgeon and a really nice guy (which as a nurse I can tell you is a rare combination!). I had seen in my work as a nurse in the outpatient surgy-center I had worked in, a lot of bad results by plastic surgeons and I knew that I wanted someone who I could not only talk to easily, but a surgeon who was "detail" oriented. By that I mean a surgeon who is a perfectionist even down to the smallest detail. This, I found in Dr. Clavin.

When he took some fat from one part of my body and put it into my lips, I could tell that he was being extremely careful to put the correct amount down to the smallest detail. I had my lips injected with my own natural body fat (which has been permanently accepted in the new area to flourish and stay there with very little reabsorption). I also had my laugh lines injected as well as a large dent in my thigh which was caused by severe trauma five years earlier.

In every area that was injected, I had beautiful results and a year later, I still looked great with very little reabsorption. Dr. Clavin told me it might take two sessions to get the look I wanted, so I went back for my second session and I even threw in a light peel for good measure! At forty one years old, I need to start taking good care of my skin (so I am also using some of Dr. Clavin's facial products, ie. the glycolic acid moisturizer and pads, and the Vitamin C moisturizer and pads). I am telling you that they really have made a difference in my skin. Even my husband noticed (and he isn't the most observant fellow regarding those kind of things-God Love Him!).

My face peel was a success and my second session of fat injections looks awesome! I have hardly a trace of any laugh lines and nice full lips, and my thigh looks normal again after five years! Not only do I look younger after my own body's fat was used to enhance my appearance, but by using Dr. Clavin's skin products I am also starting to take better care of my skin so that I will age gracefully (with the help of Dr. Clavin of course!) I plan to be a patient of his for the rest of my life."

Pamela Padgett, R.N.


Palo Alto, CA

Dear Dr. Clavin,

"I was a patient of yours nineteen years ago. I was 28 years old and needed a lower eyelid blepharoplasty. Now at 46, I was mistaken for "thirtysomething" again just yesterday. Thank you again for your excellent work!"



Anne M.

St Albans, Herts


Dear Dr. Clavin,

"I am just writing to say Thank You again for the miracle you preformed on my nose. I was so overwhelmed when you removed the bandage yesterday that, when I think back on our conversation, I must have appeared to be "not quite there". I hope I didn't seem too rude.

I can't get over my new nose and have spent the last day and a half with the most inane grin on my face. You are the genius my mother said you were, and that was the best money I ever spent! I can't thank you enough.

Also, thank you for taking the time to explain the procedure so well. It was very reassuring. So few doctors actually do that.

Maybe we'll meet again when other bits of me start falling south!


Kindest regards"

Tracy S

P.S. I hope you have a great weekend with your children.

Dear Dr. Clavin,


"I would like to express my gratitude and satisfaction regarding my recent rhinoplasty experience. You are an extremely skillful plastic surgeon. I also appreciate the manner in which you handled my particular situation. As you know I previously had a bad experience with nasal surgery and therefore was skeptical and insecure about reshaping my nose again. You were prompt and patient in answering my many questions. I felt reassured you could correct the mistake made by the previous surgeon and improve my looks. I just regret not having met you before.

As an aside, I had visited a renowned nose specialist before I met you. He decided he would not touch my nose even before I showed him the report from the previous plastic surgeon, I suspect because he did not want to deal with someone else's prior mistakes. I was devastated to hear from an expert that my nose could not be improved. The beautiful nose you gave me now has proved him wrong.

Twice before I had received references to plastic surgeons who did not help me. I then decided to look for Board-certified plastic surgeons on the Net. When I browsed through your Website I found your credentials to be outstanding and most impressive. Your resume and experience were factors that let me to believe, correctly, I had finally found the right doctor.

Once I visited your office for a consultation, I was attended by a most helpful, friendly staff. "Before and after" pictures of your work on different patients were available and I noticed that in each case you had shaped the right nose for every type of face. I felt I did not need to look any further, and canceled an appointment I had with another plastic surgeon my general physician recommended.

On account of these factors, I also decided to have other work done by you, and had a fat injection to reduce my laugh lines and also a Botox injection to eliminate frown lines. The deep lines I had simply disappeared.

I have you to thank for making me look younger, but most of all, for giving me a natural looking nose again. I understand it was a particularly delicate operation since you had to undo the poor work of a previous surgeon in order to do yours right. I will always be grateful to you."




Dear Dr. Clavin,


"Just a quick note of thanks for all your help. I really enjoy talking with you and appreciate your extensive knowledge - you're the best!

Everyone on your staff is helpful and totally professional. Working with your office is a pleasure. Thanks again!"


Take Care,


Dear Dr. Clavin and Staff:


You're simply the best... better than all the rest!

I want to thank you profusely for the wonderful job you and your staff did during my recent abdominal liposuction and breast augmentation procedures.

I was feeling very unsexy after the birth of my son, when that jelly roll just would not go away. When I decided to have the procedures done, I did quite a bit of research. I was most impressed by your credentials. When I went for my first consultation, it turned out to be my pre-op visit because I made my decision immediately to have you perform the procedures. It is very important to realize when interviewing surgeons that cheaper is not better.

The level of professionalism I experienced on the day of surgery was exceptional. The call I received the previous evening from the anesthesiologist calmed any fears I had.

The surgery was absolutely painless. To be honest, the only time I felt anything close to pain was during the insertion of the l.V. needle. During the following few days, I felt minor discomfort, but no pain!

Even though I have at least one more month to go before I see final results, I am very satisfied with what I see so far. My husband is more satisfied than I could ever tell you.

I know he loved me with my smaller breasts (that was never an issue), but now he simply cannot keep his hands off me. Today is my birthday and I told him that the surgery was my gift for all occasions this year. His reply was, "no, the surgery was my gift!". I also had fun shopping for a bathing suit for a change!

Thanks again to you and your staff for making such a wonderful change in my life.




"Big Thanks Come In Small Noses- Thank you!!"

"Dear Dr. Clavin


I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you with all my heart for my beautiful new nose. I knew from the moment I saw you on the internet you were the one. After all you are a USC trojan. Thank you for your comforting ways and your reassuring ways. You were a dream come true for me and I think you are a wonderful doctor.

Thank you for the special arrangement for payments. I know you don't do things like that but I want you to know just how much it has meant to me.


Thank you Again"

L. R.

Dear Hal,


"It's been three months since my surgery so I thought you might want report. First, I'm so glad I did it - or rather, YOU did it! "Getting aggressive" was just perfect.

I thank you


Best regards,


Complete Original Letters on file at Dr. Clavin's office.


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