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The goal of rhinoplasty is a nose that looks natural and blends harmoniously with your other facial features.

Since the healing process is gradual, you should expect to wait up to one year to see the final results of your rhinoplasty. After the surgery, there will be swelling both on the outside and the inside of the nose. Patience is required while normal healing takes place. You are likely, however, to begin enjoying your new look within weeks of your surgery.

Most patients are agreeably surprised to find that there is little more than mile discomfort. A splint or bandage is worn for several days. The eyes usually blacken because of normal bruising of loose tissues around the eyelids. Whites of the eyes may turn red but this clears in a few weeks.

Occasionally, a touchup may be desired to further improve the results. If this is the case, the additional rhinoplasty procedure is usually less extensive than the original operation and therefore less cost is involved.

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How long will the rhinoplasty result lasts?


nose surgery, rhinoplasty


The results of rhinoplasty are permanent, except for possible changes associated with the aging process.

Unlike the unreal world of movies and television when the bandages come off to reveal immediate beauty, the final appearance of the nose is not apparent for 6 to 12 months because normal healing takes place gradually. Scarring takes place inside the nose and is not visible. In rhinoplasty operations to narrow wide nostrils, it is necessary to leave tiny external scars, quite inconspicuous, at the base of the nostrils.

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