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Art of Cosmetic Nose Surgery - Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic Nose Surgery should be performed by a surgeon only with very talented aesthetic abilities and preferably a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. In addition, the Rhinoplasty procedure should be performed with minimal surgical trauma to the nose, no external incisions, match and blend all facial features, look very natural and unoperated, cause minimal pain and discomfort to the patient, and be performed under the highest standards of safety.

Cosmetic nose surgery can dramatically change the size, shape and appearance of a nose. The Surgeons objective is to create a natural-looking nose that fits with other facial features. He/She creates this nose by recontouring the nasal profile, reshaping the nasal tip, and changing the angle between the nose and the upper lip. Concurrently, breathing problems can also be corrected during this surgical procedure.

The Rhinoplasty Surgeon is able to reshape your nose through small incisions made inside of your nose so that they will not be visible. Should any incisions need to be made outside the nose, the surgeon will make sure that they are well hidden and inconspicuous.

After the Rhinoplasty procedure, patients are send home with or without packing of the nose. Dr. Clavin does not send patients home with packing of the nose, even when septal work is being done, however their are physicians that do use packing and that is their own personal choice. Dr. Clavin has found using his technique that packing is not helpful and patients are more comfortable post-operatively.

The "new" approach to cosmetic nose surgery, that being an "open rhinoplasty" should only be reserved for very special cases of revision rhinoplasty, since it can cause extensive swelling and trauma to the nose.