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September, 2010 -Email Testimonial

Dear Dr. Clavin

"I am so happy I had my closed nasal surgery done by you and did not pick to have it done open. I went to four other plastic surgeons, all highly recommended, and they were going to do it closed. As is learned from you, the healing is much faster, hardly no swelling, only one week recovery, and no pain. The placement of the carilage grafts was perfect. My girl friend had her revision nose done open by another doctor and recovery time and result did not even come close to my result. I am so happy with Dr. Clavin. Best of all, I look so natural. Thank you for keeping to your word and not making any external scars and no uncomfortable packing was used in my nostrils."

Your grateful patient,

Linda G.

Septeber 8, 2006 -Email Testimonial

"I was considering plastic surgery for the first time. I visited several surgeons among those on the ‘Best Plastic Surgeons list’, and I felt that Dr. Clavin gave me the most realistic picture of what could and could not be done for me, and why some of the procedures other surgeons suggested would not work for me. It is about 6 weeks since I had the surgery and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. ( I had a neck lift, the bags under my eyes removed, my nose modified and my upper lip enlarged.) I feel I look considerably younger and more attractive, and the improvements look completely natural. More importantly friends who know I had the surgery can see a big improvement, while those who don’t know I had the surgery have not made any comments. Thus I feel I significantly improved my appearance without letting everyone know that I had plastic surgery. I recommend Dr. Clavin and his staff in the strongest possible terms and without reservation. I also strongly recommend Halcyon, an after-care facility that Dr. Clavin's office recommended in Marina del Ray."


January 5, 2021

Dear Dr. Clavin:

"It's been a few weeks now since my rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Clavin,and I'm very pleased with the result.  It was my second rhinoplasty—the first was done by a different surgeon.  I came to Dr. Clavin not at all happy with what the other surgeon had done.  My nose was quite "scooped" when viewed from the side.  I went to several surgeons after my first surgery, and each told me that he would use ear cartilage to lessen the scoop effect.  Dr. Clavin considered this as well, but he also brainstormed other options, including using a silicone graft instead of ear cartilage.  I appreciated the extra effort he made in searching for what would give me the best result, and I decided to trust my surgery to him.

We decided that a silicone graft would be the best option.  Before the surgery, Dr. Clavin clearly explained the result that I could expect.  The actual result exceeded my expectations, due in part, as I understand, to some innovation on Dr. Clavin's part during the surgery.  My nose is much, much improved--I'm very pleased with Dr. Clavin's aesthetic sense.  I'm so appreciative of his expertise, so grateful of the interest he took in my case, and so lucky that I found him!"

Chris D.

January 4, 2021

Dear Dr. Clavin:

"This was my first surgery I ever had and I was very concerned about the procedure, but you and your staff were very helpful in getting me prepared for the surgery. I consulted with several surgeons before, some felt that the refinements I was looking for were not easy to achieve. But I felt very comfortable talking with you about my concerns and you patiently answered all my questions. I also trusted your aesthetic sense completely, you have a great gift. The surgery was over before I knew it and now at two weeks post op I feel great. When you took off the cast I was amazed at the subtle changes and refinements I could see in my nose. I can's wait for the swelling to subside so I can see the beautiful nose you have given me."

Thanks for all your efforts,

Sonal P.

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